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    • How is the order of the booths selected?

      • The organizer will elect to notify the qualified manufacturers in writing and hold a booth selection meeting. The principle of distribution of booths is as follows:

        1. The organizer plans the booth maps of various booths in advance according to the manufacturer's application for the booth number to provide a more suitable line and effective use of limited area.

        2. The number of booths is the same, and the order of selection is determined by the date of registration of the deposit;

        3. If the number of booths is the same and the date of payment of the registration deposit is the same, the order will be determined by drawing lots;

        4. For those who apply for the merger, according to the size of the combined booth, the representative will be selected to choose the booth, but it is not allowed to re-select the booth at the time of the coordination meeting. If the merger is the same as the single vendor's booth number, the single vendor will choose first.

        5. If the total number of booths is insufficient, the organizer reserves the final allocation authority for the booth size, location planning and arrangement of the exhibitors.

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